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The CIO Connect services provide a comprehensive approach to the needs of CIOs, designed by a team who have themselves worked extensively as CIOs for major organisations and know what is needed to provide maximum benefit within a minimum timespan.

With this in mind we currently offer four services: The CIO Connect Club, The CIO Connect Insurance Sector Club, IT Connect and The CIO Connect Information Service which facilitate the development of close relationships between senior IT executives facing similar issues, through:

A variety of events designed to provide real value whilst minimising the demands on an individual’s time. We have top speakers talking on key issues and expert led discussions; all at carefully selected venues.

Facilities enabling members to contact one another.

Processes to enable members to exchange views on topics of mutual interest.

A web-based news and information service designed to meet the specific needs of busy people holding down senior positions and with little time to spare:

A daily news service on the top stories of the day which provides essential information on major developments in the world of IT.

Constantly updated research information categorised by areas of interest geared to the challenges facing you and your senior managers.

Information on emerging issues such as regulatory frameworks, advanced technologies and innovative applications.

Surveys and questionnaires on crucial issues to gain members’ advice and experience, providing valuable benchmarking information for you and your peers.

Advice on critical IT management matters with checklists and guides to current hot issues, as well as links to slides on IT and management trends.

A quarterly magazine full of interviews and articles, created to fit into the demanding life of the CIO: The CIO Connect Magazine is the essential magazine for top CIOs. For all enquiries please contact [email protected]

Our objective at CIO Connect is to support our members in their critical leadership role; providing them with the opportunities to network effectively with their peers and have access to the latest information – enabling them to take the right decisions to help ensure future success.

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