IT Connect

IT Connect

IT Connect provides senior IT executives that report to CIOs with the tools that will assist them in their current role and will help them to develop the necessary leadership skills for the future. This can be achieved through excellent networking opportunities both face-to-face at events and electronically via the website. The forum addresses the need to develop leadership qualities within the IT management team to shape the CIOs of tomorrow who will carry forward the success of the IT function.

Members of IT Connect are highly involved in the shaping and development of their own forum where technology issues can be discussed and experience shared in a non-competitive environment. Membership allows full participation in all IT Connect future events and access to summaries of all past events, from both IT Connect and CIO Connect meetings. They are invited to dedicated events focusing on the hot issues facing today’s IT management team as well as leadership seminars run by some of the top CIOs. Members are the driving force behind IT Connect, with their input influencing the style, format and content of all aspects of the forum.

The service also allows full access to the IT Connect web service which provides in-depth information and advice on the critical responsibilities of the CIO and the IT management team. In addition the IT news service is updated every working day and an email is sent to members each morning with relevant headlines.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Events covering some of the hot issues that senior IT executives face and the leadership challenges of the future
  • The opportunity to meet with top CIOs via select CIO Connect events and to learn from their experiences at IT Connect Leadership Briefings
  • Participation in Quick Questions and member surveys enabling members to share advice and experiences with peers
  • The ability to drive the forum, influencing the format and agenda of all services
  • Unlimited access to the IT Connect news and information service tailored to reflect critical IT management issues

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