The pace of change required of every aspect of an organisation is greater than ever. You need the right people with the right skillset in the right roles to deliver this continual change successfully. It is through Leadership that an executive is able to deliver these outcomes.

It is critical to select the right leadership intervention at the right time and deliver it in a way that is relevant to the world of technology. Changing organisation structure, operating model or processes will all lead to the desired outcome in some situations. In others, development of a key cadre of leaders will provide the most effective solution.

CIO Connect has an industry leading breadth of practical experience and the top-level expertise in leadership and organisational development that enable us to work with you to deliver success in your organisation.

Our Capability:

  • Identifying the priority issues for Technology leadership to address through interacting with the organisation leadership at C-level, with the CIO and with the CIOs direct reports.
  • Developing the technology leadership into a well performing team, fully equipped to handle all the challenges of a multi-faceted organisation.
  • Designing, Developing and Implementing organisation change; be it Structural change; Operating Model development; role changes or; change to the associated measurement and governance processes.
  • Building tailored leadership development programmes on issues such as measuring and demonstrating value generated by technology services; internal consulting skills; stakeholder management and; leadership of dispersed teams. We tailor these programmes to all levels of the management team from the CIO down.
  • Providing specific coaching and mentoring with key individuals assisting them through significant transitions; assuring delivery and; developing capability.

CIO Connect publish regular ‘Point of View’ documents – here are links to a selection of recent documents related to leadership:

Teams are a key part of our working life. How should we intervene in our teams to improve their performance?

More change and faster change is the expectation, but change is unsettling and benefits don’t come from new technology or methods without significant change in the way people do their whole job.

Organisations are always changing.. We believe that it is vital that the IT department evolves meet the demands of the current business context.

CIO Connect sees three changing aspects of the CIOs context that offer, an opportunity to lead disruption in their workplace.

Case Study – Jardine Lloyd Thompson

What was achieved
Through the programme of work the client has been successful in delivering in parallel on a number of strategic issues, including:

• significant improvement in infrastructure services through transition to a new service provider;
• developing and integrating IS and IT services across many geographies and lines of business;
• developing collaborative business development platforms for this knowledge-intensive industry;
• developing the internal capability and operating model within the IT function;
• group of top 30 leaders have gone on to self-manage their on-going development and work on cross-functional improvement within the context of a new global operating model.

Working with the team from CIO Connect helped us move at pace from initial strategy development workshops with me and my senior team through to implementation and the finished result. They provided real world experience and actionable insights into the area of strategic organisation and capability development.

Global CIO, Jardine Lloyd Thompson

Read the full case study for more information