Latest Edition: Summer 2017

CIO Connect Magazine

This Edition's Main Features:

Transforming Dundee University

The Head of Business Transformation at the University of Dundee, Ian Laith, talks with CIO Connect about their ongoing digital transformation project and the key role of IT in the future of higher education.

Governing IT

Anne Moises, CIO of Scottish Government, shares with us the achievements and key learning from her extensive career in Government IT.

Putting the team at the heart of smooth technology transformation

Global Radio Director of Technology and Operations, David Henderson, told CIO UK he believes his team can deal with any problems the business throws in its direction when he described the media company’s technology and digital transformation initiatives. Henderson, who joined the broadcaster behind brands Classic FM, Capital, LBC, Heart, Smooth and Radio X in November 2014, is part of…

From Atoms to Electrons

Last night I went to a meeting of the local history society – I know, some people get all the best gigs. The speaker was excellent and showed many images demonstrating the history of our area. For some reason, I particularly noticed one image. It was an old building and it had one of the early Sun Alliance insurance plaques []

Use your NED

Many organisations have Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), or similar individuals, even in the public sector. Sitting on the Board with wide experience they are just as responsible for the lawful operation of the organisation they are involved with as are the Executive Directors, with the main difference that they do not have to run anything within the organisation and should be []

Making the case

The laws of physics are the same anywhere in the universe we’re told. But when it comes to economics, human behaviours and the human willpower all mean that the stated “laws” are really empirical descriptions of what has happened before and not necessarily rules that drive a future outcome. For example, people confidently predicted that Quantitative Easing after the credit []

Digital Reflections

I am sitting writing this in Dublin. I’m on a day trip visiting clients. In the UK, my car registration plate was automatically recognized to gain access to the car park which was pre-paid online. I’d an electronic boarding card. I flew here in less than an hour, waved a piece of paper at a customs officer and walked into []

Been there, done that…

Recently I was at one of CIO Connect’s workshops. We run these under the Chatham House rule, so I’m not going to betray any confidences. The discussion was about pace and agility and we had three very good speakers. Working at pace and being agile from an IT perspective is nothing new. Indeed it dates back to the era before []

Leading from Behind

The local elections of 2017, curiously and unusually in the middle of a general election campaign, are causing a problem for the main political parties. For each it is different. At the time of writing the Conservatives are doing very well, but keen to play down their success for fear of complacency setting in amongst their supporters, who may then []

Moving people on

Last week we ran a story in the Daily Intelligence email to our clients about a CIO who was involved in the transformation of his business. He said the hardest thing was to “let go” people who had served the company well but for one reason or another he didn’t think they could make a contribution to the change underway []

Succession success

I heard about a CIO leaving their job recently, one who hadn’t been appointed long ago. Their appointment followed the long term tenure of the previous incumbent who had a taken up a new role in the same business. I wasn’t surprised. It happens a lot, and not just in business, but in politics and in sport too. Just think []

Invisible Support

My mother, who you may recall has dementia, has recently moved into residential care. We have tried very hard, as I have occasionally recounted in this blog, to maintain her independence as long as possible. As well as remote control central heating (bought in), we have used a tracker (software partly written by me), passive infra-red detection (hardware built and []

Publish and be damned

In the last few days information has been in the forefront of the news in the UK and US for different reasons. In the UK the public consultation on what is known as ‘Leveson II’ comes to an end very shortly. This is about enacting one of Sir Brian Leveson’s proposals from his inquiry a few years back which would []


I was going to start this first blog of 2017 – Happy New Year, by the way – talking about mergers and acquisitions, and particularly the CIOs role in such work. Because of the Brexit vote Sterling declined in value and UK companies look to be very good value to foreign investors. Despite the experts fears following the Brexit vote []
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