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Networking is core to our knowledge base and adds value to all our clients by sharing solutions and information.

Our Network & News service is designed for technology leadership teams that seek to benefit from meeting others whom face similar challenges. It incorporates:

  • 10 workshops each year – half day events, attended by around 20 technology leaders from multiple sectors. The events are highly interactive and include both specialist input and encourage participants to share real life case studies and experiences. Clients are guaranteed one seat at each event, for any suitable person in their organisation.A unique opportunity to learn from the network of your peers and use that learning to solve your challenges
  • Daily News – CIO Connect seeks out the news that matters to technology leaders and sifts this to only the most important items. This results in a daily email with the key stories of relevance to you. Clients can choose to have this distributes to anyone whom can benefit from this.
  • Points of View – CIO Connect publish regular thought leadership articles an a wide variety of relevant and interesting topics. These are written by specialists with a deep knowledge of their subject. The short articles are designed to question and challenge thinking to encourage ideas.
  • Quarterly Magazine – an online magazine is published every quarter – examining the industry, trends and news. Features include case studies of CIO’s whom are in the limelight. See the latest issue at the bottom of this page
  • Our thought leadership challenges the status quo and encourages creative solutions to old and new problems

Benefits of joining the Network & News Service:

• Our workshops help you solve problems, you’ll only hear real life examples presented by those who have encountered and worked through similar issues;

• Our workshops help inspire ideas to translate into action, we encourage robust discussion with your peers to ensure that you leave with approaches that you can implement in your workplace;

• Engagement with CIO Connect advisors at workshops, all of whom are highly knowledgeable and experienced and provide practical, pragmatic advice that you can really use;

• Our news service saves you time bringing you relevant information gathered from many sources.

Our Network is extensive across commercial, public and higher education sectors and we are working with the leadership teams of many organisations. This gives us a privileged position of being well informed about the current issues and challenges that technology leaders face.

Latest Edition: Winter 2018

CIO Connect Magazine

This Edition's Main Features:

Delivering Value one Parcel at a time

Chris Ashworth, CIO at Parcel Delivery firm Hermes talks with CIO Connect about being a digital leader and building a value generating capability across a complex and expanding logistics business.

Transforming Disks to Data

Steve Philpott, CIO of Western Digital talked with CIO Connect about the opportunities and challenges presented by a significant parallel business and digital transformation.

Networking at 50,000 feet or at C-Level

I once sat in the Board of a Financial Services company with a person whose Executive role was Finance Director. She couldn’t understand why CIOs she worked with only came to see her about once a year, would have a brief chat about what they were doing and would ask her about the company. She was concerned about the implication []


Regular readers of this blog will know three key things about me, if they have given any thought about the threads that run through these posts. Firstly, I like the technology. Of course, it has to be used well and beneficially rather than just being something interesting for its own sake. But there are so many examples where that is []

Keep Calm and Carry On

The title of this blog originates from the popular, but now perhaps somewhat tired slogan, which originated in the war but surprisingly wasn’t used in that era. It has enjoyed sing in vogue relatively recently appearing on mugs, cards and even cushions. It is frequently followed by the phrase “it’s only [fill in event of choice]”. I might suggest we []

Knocking on Evan’s door

I’d like to say something positive about the BBC. No, really. Having written blogs recently about the rapidly diminishing ability to ask questions and even more importantly the need to listen to the answers before asking a follow up question, it’s time to give credit where credit is due. The BBC has brought Evan Davis back to Radio 4 as []

Not up to date – and that is okay

For the first time since I don’t know when, none of my Apple hardware is the latest version. My iMac is the 5k model, Mac mini is late 2012 (although only 18 months old), my iPad Pro is the 10.5” version, my MacBook the late 2014 version and my phone is an iPhone 6S. My Apple Pencil is now just []


An old boss of mine, Marjorie Scardino, when she was at Pearson used to say “make things simple. It’s not always easy but it’s usually right”. I’ve quoted her before and I think she’s right – it isn’t easy. There is a lot of discussion about Universal Credit at the moment. Partly because the budget is coming, and vested interests []

Good Question

A couple of blogs ago I was berating the Today Programme for, amongst other perceived sins, asking the wrong sort of questions to get people to open up and actually say something interesting rather than, robot like, stick to the party line. I didn’t name any good questioners. Yet, almost in front of my eyes was a journalist who does []

Positive Feelings

I read an article in New Scientist recently – it is a recent addition to the magazines at my barber. I don’t need to get my hair cur very often these days, but having free access to New Scientist may make me go more frequently. In the latest edition Dr. Alia Crum who heads up the Mind and Body Lab []

Any Questions?

I wake up to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 most mornings. My internet radio gently increases volume to reach the desired point and it’s a pretty painless experience. But nothing can prepare me for the hectoring approach many of the presenters adopt. The Today programme has come in for criticism recently. It appears listeners are leaving in quite []

Predicting Failure

Just this week, we’ve been told that the world is about to burn up because of man-made global warming – as exemplified by this glorious summer, and (yet again) that Brexit will be an unmitigated disaster for the UK economy. There is a long and inglorious list of predictions which turned out to be nonsense. From Thomas Watson’s perspective that []

Digital Diversity

CIO Connect ran the final workshop before the summer break a couple of weeks ago on the topic of diversity. We invited our largely male membership to bring a female colleague with them. Although this was slightly awkwardly done – it’s hard to word such an invitation effectively – we had, probably for the first time, an audience roughly split []

Not Normal

As the late, great Douglas Adams said “The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.” Whenever the world seems a []
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