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Networking is core to our knowledge base and adds value to all our clients by sharing solutions and information.

Our Network & News service is designed for technology leadership teams that seek to benefit from meeting others whom face similar challenges. It incorporates:

  • 10 workshops each year – half day events, attended by around 20 technology leaders from multiple sectors. The events are highly interactive and include both specialist input and encourage participants to share real life case studies and experiences. Clients are guaranteed one seat at each event, for any suitable person in their organisation.A unique opportunity to learn from the network of your peers and use that learning to solve your challenges
  • Daily News – CIO Connect seeks out the news that matters to technology leaders and sifts this to only the most important items. This results in a daily email with the key stories of relevance to you. Clients can choose to have this distributes to anyone whom can benefit from this.
  • Points of View – CIO Connect publish regular thought leadership articles an a wide variety of relevant and interesting topics. These are written by specialists with a deep knowledge of their subject. The short articles are designed to question and challenge thinking to encourage ideas.
  • Quarterly Magazine – an online magazine is published every quarter – examining the industry, trends and news. Features include case studies of CIO’s whom are in the limelight. See the latest issue at the bottom of this page
  • Our thought leadership challenges the status quo and encourages creative solutions to old and new problems

Benefits of joining the Network & News Service:

• Our workshops help you solve problems, you’ll only hear real life examples presented by those who have encountered and worked through similar issues;

• Our workshops help inspire ideas to translate into action, we encourage robust discussion with your peers to ensure that you leave with approaches that you can implement in your workplace;

• Engagement with CIO Connect advisors at workshops, all of whom are highly knowledgeable and experienced and provide practical, pragmatic advice that you can really use;

• Our news service saves you time bringing you relevant information gathered from many sources.

Our Network is extensive across commercial, public and higher education sectors and we are working with the leadership teams of many organisations. This gives us a privileged position of being well informed about the current issues and challenges that technology leaders face.

Latest Edition: Spring 2018

CIO Connect Magazine

This Edition's Main Features:

Women in IT awards

We spoke with award winners from the recent Women in IT awards: Alison Davis, CIO of Francis Crick Institute and Floriana Molone, Head of IT Customer Services at LSE

CIO as Digital Business Leader

John Hemingway, CIO at University of Hull, talks with CIO Connect about his successes inside the university and broadening his role to including commercialising university digital properties.

What AI Enthusiasts Don't Want To Talk About

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an unstoppable force. As noted by Martech Today, AI is already “here and now,” and three-quarters (registration required) of companies that are using AI see improved revenue. The technology continues to make significant advances in both predictive capability and intelligent decision making — organizations are excited about the prospect of merging AI with existing people and…

Not Normal

As the late, great Douglas Adams said “The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.” Whenever the world seems a []

Summer Time

.. and the living is easy, as the great song by George Gershwin, perhaps best known as performed by Ella Fitzgerald, says. But as I write it is summer time, and the weather pretty much has been hot and sunny with a few short breaks since the beginning of May, but the living isn’t easy. On the political side, we []

Mac Musings

I wrote the bulk of this blog on the train. Nothing unusual about that I spend a lot of time on trains these days. But I wrote this on my MacBook Pro, and that is unusual. I like my MacBook – it has a great screen, sufficient power for the sorts of things I do on the move and a []

Run for the hills

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Samuel Johnson was wrong, tragically so. Traveling to a recent CIO Connect workshop I was struck by how much I dislike London. It’s noisy, dirty, dusty, full, rude, smelly. There are too many people in too small []

Alphabetic Serendipity

I have rediscovered bookshops, and with them, books. Perhaps bookshops have been reinvented since I last indulged, Bookshop 3.0, you might say. I’m up to Kindle 6.6 on my iPad after all. 2.0 brought coffee shops some time ago and 1.0 always featured knowledgeable staff, who knew about the books as well as the shop, especially in the independent bookshops. []

I’m back

It has been a while since I last blogged, though through the wonders of foresight not quite so long since you read my last blog. A lot has happened over the past few weeks, most notably for me my Mother died. Those of you who read this blog regularly know she had dementia, so in many ways it was a []

Privacy and Control

It will come as no surprise to the people who read this blog regularly that I have been exercised by the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica story still doing the rounds on the mainstream news programmes. My preference for privacy has led to me leading a near Google-free existence , preferring to use DuckDuckGo or IXQuick as my primary search engines []

Ask and you may get

I am frequently surprised by how accommodating people and businesses are. Contrary to popular opinion of “computer says no” I think we are in an era of more flexibility than many people recognise. Whether buying a major item or smaller, whether taking on a service or subscription you can often find a deal. In part the challenge comes from finding []

Rules not Recipes

Throughout the Spring many people look at their lifestyle and make resolutions to fix some of the things they are most concerned about. This includes the amount of alcohol they drink and leads to ‘dry January’ or the amount they eat – especially following on from over indulgence over the holiday period. The newspapers and magazines pick up on this []

Telling Stories

Humans are storytellers. From time immemorial we have told stories to explain things we didn’t understand, and to paint a picture of a present and a future that others would accept and help make a reality. Inevitably this addresses the big questions of our existence and so encompasses religion, philosophy and politics where, unlike science, there are few objectively correct []

Meeting Expectations

CIOs are senior executives. Most, or perhaps these days it’s many, still have an executive assistant. I spend most of my life meeting with CIOs. So why is it so hard to get into the diary, and sometimes harder still to stay in it? I know, you’re thinking it’s about priorities, about value. I get bounced or pushed to the []
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