Post Event Notes

CIO Connect’s 2013 Annual Conference was an unqualified success – our blended mix of keynote speakers, discussion groups and networking opportunities allowed attendees to help us define the role of the game-changing CIO. It is a definition we will continue to develop in the coming months. And, as in the Annual Conference, it is your point of view – as a CIO – that will help us outline the future role of the successful CIO.

The Annual Conference included enlightening presentations from a range of speakers. Take Ken Segall, former creative director at Apple, who provided a fascinating insight into the successful approach of the technology giant. Or Steve Peters, head of sports psychology at UK Athletics, who gave an enlightening discussion on the “inner chimp” – the irrational, impulsive, seemingly impossible part of our mind that often holds us back. Across keynote presentations and discussion sessions, one message came out loud and clear – game-changing executives focus on the parts of the business where technology can make a strategic difference.

“CIOs must engage with the business while keeping the lights on,” said CIO Connect chief executive Nick Kirkland in his Annual Conference conclusion. “IT leaders must engage with their peers and consider what’s important now, not what mattered last year. Simplicity, negotiation, and value delivery – we know that’s why we’re here but we must learn to consider those elements through our business peers’ eyes.”

CIO Connect will be considering those elements in the run-up to the 2014 Annual Conference. Help us shape our Point of View – thanks for attending in 2013 and we look forward to collaborating with you during the next 12 months.