Open Source – the Pros & Cons

Open Source has now matured and has become a mechanism for producing innovative solutions, technical wizardry, low cost usable applications and also become a method of both enhancing and even being part of the core of many large scale ERP and other such bought solutions. What are the pros & cons of using open source? Do we even know that what we purchase contains open source? What are the implications when the code contains an error or security issue?

Our speakers will share their various experiences to provide an overall balanced view:

• Claus-Peter Wiedermann – Bearing Point
• Andy Lole – CTO SpareRoom
• Nick Kirkland – CEO, CIO Connect

Our goal is that you will leave with some real practical next steps for yourself and your organisation to address this opportunity.

Benefits of attending:
• Gain new insight into the challenges and solutions that help manage the opportunities presented by Open Source;
• Learn about practical examples of how extracting value from data is bringing real benefits and explore how these might help your organisation;
• Meet, network and debate with other Technology Leaders

If you are interested in attending, send us an email to, but be aware that places are limited

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