Diversity in IT leadership – How to make Progress?

It is well established and accepted that diversity of leadership and teams leads to better decisions, greater creativity and is fundamental to reflecting the diversity of the client base of an organisation. Yet why are there so few women in IT leadership positions and why is this not changing? It has been well known for many years that few girls take IT related ‘A’ levels, and fewer still are attracted to apply for IT related degrees. What can the IT industry do, to turn around this long-standing trend?

Our speakers will each focus on an aspect of how this can be changed, and women can become a higher proportion in IT leadership.

Join other CIO’s in discussing these questions – and listen to the experiences and expertise of:

Sunitha Chacko – Head of Technical Architecture Community, Cabinet Office. Sunitha will talk about the importance of having a bi-directional approach 1) The importance of girls taking more technology related subjects / specialisms so that we are building a pipeline of future female leaders in tech 2) The importance of more female tech leaders on the boards of orgs who can influence companies to hire more women.

Bebe Oladipo – Head of IT, Azzuri Group. Bebe will focus on her personal journey to her current position and practical suggestions that can be used to encourage our young people that it can be done.

Sarah Tan – Head of Operations, Makers Academy. Sarah will talk about non-traditional routes into tech, from her own career path and from her experience working in education and technical training.

Our goal is that you will leave with some real practical next steps for yourself and your organisation – and perhaps the wider Industry, to address these challenges.

Benefits of attending:
• Think about the benefits of greater diversity in your team;
• Initiate some practical steps to change the balance;
• Debate with other CIOs the issues arising and thus learn from the experience of others;
• Meet, network and debate with other Technology Leaders

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