“Defence against the Dark Arts” – Cybercrime protection

Organisations and their executives are increasingly finding themselves under attack from commercially oriented fraud and malevolent forces. The impact on an organisation can be significant and destructive. The CIO finds themselves at the forefront of protecting, policing and handling the impact of successful attacks.

In this high value workshop, we will explore:

• Aspects of this threat and how they can be protected against: the ‘Dark & Deep Web’; Cybercrime and Cyberleaks.
• Useful tools and the shift from boundary protection to prevention and pro-active monitoring.
• Attacks on the personal data and position of executives.

Join other CIO’s in discussing these questions – and listen to the experiences and expertise of:

Garen Melikyan – Director Cyber Security – British Arab Commercial Bank. Garen will share an approach to develop your “2020 Vision for Practical Cyber Resilience” – providing clarity on Cyber Security initiatives that CIOs may need to take by 2020.

Mark Foulsham – CDO – Scope. “Positioning Information Security at the front of your business”

Brian Hitchen – Information Security Professional (specialising in Cyber Forensics & Compliance). “GDPR – Compliance is not just for Christmas!”

Andrew Denley – Information Security Professional (specialising in Compliance frameworks, Information Risk & Data Protection). “Unlocking the Dark Web and Dark Net”

We will also be celebrating the recent publication of a book that Mark, Brian & Andrew have recently co-authored: ‘GDPR: How to achieve and maintain compliance’

Our goal is that you will leave with some real practical next steps for yourself and your organisation to address these challenges.

Benefits of attending:
• Learn more about how you can better secure your infrastructure and data;
• Debate with other CIOs the issues arising and thus learn from the experience of others;
• Meet, network and debate with other Technology Leaders;

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