“Defence against the Dark Arts” – Cybercrime protection

Organisations and their executives are increasingly finding themselves under attack from commercially oriented fraud and malevolent forces. The impact on an organisation can be significant and destructive. The CIO finds themselves at the forefront of protecting, policing and handling the impact of successful attacks. In this high value workshop, we will explore: • Aspects of this threat and how they []

Diversity in IT leadership – How to make Progress?

It is well established and accepted that diversity of leadership and teams leads to better decisions, greater creativity and is fundamental to reflecting the diversity of the client base of an organisation. Yet why are there so few women in IT leadership positions and why is this not changing? It has been well known for many years that few girls []

Evolving CIO Role – How to change for the future?

Organisations are increasingly seeking a whole new approach to how technology can give competitive advantage and enable their strategies to be achieved. So, they seek a different kind of technology leadership. What are the skills that a future technology leader needs and how can the CIO of today prepare and position themselves for the demands of the near future? Our []
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