Digital Business Readiness

Developing your plan to enable digital transformation

Digital Transformation has evolved to become a key strategic opportunity for organisations – but defining what it means and where to focus resources to best effect, is a huge challenge.

The CIO is in a unique position to help the organisation thrive in this time of dynamic IT and business transformation.

We can help, we have a well-developed process that:

  • Establishes with the top team across the whole organisation, how the digital transformation strategy will be a strategy for the whole business;
  • Provides a benchmarked assessment of digital readiness of the business as a whole – informed by analysis of input from each key leader across the business, identifying:
      • The scope of digital ambitions & vision
      • The driving forces and barriers to digitisation
      • Digital technologies that affect the organisation
  • Informs and guides the development of your plan for business development and capability improvement that will deliver digital transformation;
  • Advises on effective development and implementation of your plan.

A robust and rigorous process:

The Digital Business Readiness assessment has been developed by CIO Connect with the Innovation Value Institute. The assessment provides insights across 4 dimensions:

PLAN – Defining the best digital strategy for the organisation
MAKE – Designing and delivering digitised product and service offerings for the organisation’s customers
SELL – Developing a marketing and customer engagement strategy for the organisation’s digitised product and service offerings
OPERATE – Developing and integrating the organisation’s operational backbone and digital services platform

We have partnered with the Innovation Value Institute and are their sole UK Partner in delivering a powerful tool that supports the processes above: the ‘Digital Business Readiness Assessment’

CIO Connect provides a pathway to help you and your organisations focus on your goals, objectives and develop the roadmap for improvement.