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Leading Woman in Information Management

Earlier this year CIO Connect started an exclusive group for a series of top female IT executives. The aim is to bring leading women together to discuss how other females can be brought into information management and on to senior levels. HTTP://CANEXBACK.COM How and why this group started Last year at the CIO Connect Annual Conference, Barb Dossetter of CIO []

Space Matrix goes live on SAP in Singapore

Space Matrix is one of the leading multi-disciplinary commercial property design firms in Asia- Pacific, already rated 21 in the world's top 100 design firms. Based in Singapore since 2001, they now have 12 offices across Asia Pacific delivering award winning projects covering workplace, commercial, hospitality, retail, education, civic, transport, residential and mixed-use projects. HTTP://WWW.CANEXBACK.COM Today they delivered another project that []

Transforming Business in the Digital Era

Barb Dossetter of CIO Connect discussed the challenges and priorities of Transforming Business in the Digital Era at the Enterprise Innovation event in Singapore. We’re already in the digital world and its been driven by the business and our customers. As IT professionals, our opportunity is to bring our skills and experience to make sure that it is delivered with []

Leading Women in Information Management

We have Leading Women in our industry. Make no mistake, we are there! But there's not enough of us …yet. In Singapore among many professions, 50% of the graduates are women. But somewhere between graduation and assuming a leadership role, many of us disappear from the career track. This has huge implications in so many different directions. Great leadership requires []

Barb’s Blogs – M&A – a view from the sidelines

I think we are about to live in ‘interesting times’ again. When I review some conversations over the last few months, Mergers and Acquisitions has come up as much as any of the conventional subjects. I hear it from both points of view, as the acquirer and the acquired. Both situations are not easy. Where the CIO gets a sense []
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