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Summer Time

.. and the living is easy, as the great song by George Gershwin, perhaps best known as performed by Ella Fitzgerald, says. But as I write it is summer time, and the weather pretty much has been hot and sunny with a few short breaks since the beginning of May, but the living isn’t easy.

On the political side, we have Brexit and the unedifying sight of a Cabinet openly criticising each other under the weak leadership of the Prime Minister. Were it not for an equally unedifying prospect of a very left wing Labour government surely someone would have put them out of their misery by now in order for some leadership to be demonstrated over what is undoubtedly the biggest change this country has been through for a generation or more.

This is typified by the unbelievable sight of a Conservative Government dismissing legitimate concerns of business leaders and very unpolitical language from our Foreign Secretary. There has even been the suggestion that business leaders have no right to interfere or point out potential difficulties for their organisation to take sensible investment decisions.

And in the world of sport we have any number of difficult situations. I’m writing this blog as a feisty South Korea are currently testing Germany. Thankfully, but rather unrealistically, England can still win the World Cup. Despite the low-key approach that was adopted by the team and media, some fans have extrapolated a couple of wins against lowly international sides as meaning that Belgium, Brazil and Spain, will roll over when the see the mighty England team. It’s great to dream, but it’s not easy.

In Tennis, we also see Andy Murray gradually coming back from surgery, and Serena Williams being seeded 25th for Wimbledon despite her being outside of the top 32 players as she returns after having her daughter. Only Roger Federer, a youthful 36, makes tennis look easy, and even he doesn’t play as many matches as he once did.

For the rest of us, there is so much going on it’s hard to focus on work. The sunshine beckons us to be outside, the sport pulls us back in to the TV. And to make things so much harder there is a shortage of beer due to a worldwide shortage of CO2.

So, the living certainly isn’t easy. Distractions abound, and we make up excuses that it’s easier to work in the evening when it’s cooler anyway. Or is that just me?

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