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New Perspectives

I recently moved home. I have referred to the process which seemed slow and old fashioned in earlier blog posts. My wife and I are more or less settled in now, but I have noticed some changes, changes that have happened without me really being aware of them. I have developed a new set of habits – without ever being conscious of either wanting to do that, nor of the new habit forming.

I now start the day early with a walk. We’re now fortunate to live in a beautiful rural location and walking straight from our front door is easy. My morning walk, I find, clears my mind and sets me up for the day, whatever the weather, whatever I am doing that day. I know I am a morning person, so that may not work for everyone. We eat later too in the evening, and together, talking and relaxing rather than just grabbing food when returning from our various business trips.

However, I was thinking about this blog post and the ideas I wanted to develop as I walked through the woods this morning an hour or so before I started typing. Our dog has also developed a new habit – hiding from me so she isn’t dragged out of her warm basket into the cool, dark morning. Perhaps that will change next summer.

These things, although not connected directly to business started me thinking of the impact place has on us, and how, as creatures largely of habit, we get into what we might call a rut – benign as that rut may appear to be. To think differently, to see things in a new way, to change things, we need a significant change in our circumstances too. Ultimately, we hope those changes will be positive, yet there are many stories about where change starts from adversity and then, in hindsight, they think it was for the better. I read this weekend about Jeffrey and Mary Archer believing that firstly losing all their money in a share scam in the 1970’s, and secondly Jeffrey Archer’s spell in prison, had profoundly changed their lives, and for the better.

So what sort of change will trigger a reappraisal? Inertia seems to prevent change happening in organisations and we talk of “burning platforms” being necessary to trigger a major rethink in well established companies. But just doing small things differently can have an impact on an individual too as I have noted.

Why not do something different today? Perhaps sit at a different desk, in a different office, talk to different people, use different software. The latter idea, really makes you think differently, and reappraise how you get something done. It may take longer, so choose wisely where to invest that time. But give it time and see what else changes. You can always revert to your normal ways if you feel they are better. But perhaps you’ll get a different perspective, new ideas, an alternative approach that helps you take steps towards your next success. In hindsight it may turn out to be the best thing you have ever done.

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