Nick's Notes


Margaret Thatcher once said “advisors advice, ministers decide”. The recent referendum is not binding on parliament, it is advisory. But, in a representative democracy as Mathew Parris put it very eloquently in The Times, a referendum can create a massive disconnect between the representatives and the voice of the people. When the vote is split 52 / 48 that becomes []

Read All About It

When I’m about to write my blog I look for a topic from what’s going on around me, write about it, sometimes obliquely and make a connection which I hope is not too tenuous with what we see happening in the CIO’s world. This morning as I write I have the radio on, which sounds archaic even as I type []

Well-meaning Advice

I have been struck by a recent set of separate articles about diet. As someone who has to watch his weight, and whose job involves giving and attending dinners and lunches, eating out sometimes seems to be an occupational hazard. But now I learn that diets do not work and that there is a gene which separates thin people from []
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