Nick's Notes

The Rest is Silence

I have been doing a lot of client facing work recently. At first glance there is not much commonality between the specific questions I have been asked to advise on. The CIOs I’m working with are intelligent, articulate and successful, so these questions are not trivial concerns. But at their heart there is a point where my differing pieces of []

Trust and Leadership

There is, for people interested in politics like I am, an increasingly fascinating election campaign going on in the UK. It is too close for the pollsters to call, and more than ever the result will be determined by the vote of approximately 90 marginal constituencies. The complexity of the picture is exacerbated by the number of parties standing for []

Flight 4U9525

In these blog posts, I have tried to develop a way of commenting on the news or anything else that caught my eye and somehow maneouvering that to allow me to make a point about IT, and especially the role of the CIO. Not today. The unfolding news of Germanwings flight 4U9525 is too grim for that, especially as so []
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