Nick's Notes


As I write this in London, the sun is almost entirely eclipsed by the moon. 85% of the disk is covered. I know this because it has been calculated – a heavy cloud prevents any observation. London is eerily gloomy and the street lights have come back on. Eclipses are quite rare – the next one with 100% coverage (Total []

What is Reality?

My mother has Alzheimer’s disease. She is still in the early phase – memory loss, and some associated confusion but she is still able to live a largely independent life, especially with the incredible support she gets from her friends. And yet, already it is hard to have a meaningful conversation with her – although she enjoys “a chat”, when []

Embedded Intelligence

Recently I was talking with a CIO about the apparently contradictory research showing that even though the “democratization” of computer knowledge appears to be sweeping all before it, many people remain frightened of breaking their computer by doing something wrong. At home this is responsible for the phenomenal success of the Raspberry Pi – it’s so cheap the kids can []

Customer Journeys

There is a lot of talk these days about customer journeys. Whilst the phrase is jargon the idea behind it – that customer needs are not static – is important. Equally important is the idea that customers go through a decision making process before committing to buy from you. With online engagement, markers can be identified which allow organisations to []
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