Nick's Notes

Unpleasant isn’t (necessarily) bad

I have just recovered from a brief but unpleasant bout of sickness brought on, I think, by something I ate. It was unpleasant, but it was “good” for me in that my body removed the toxins. Don’t worry, we’ll go no further! It crossed my mind during my recuperation that things that are unpleasant are not always bad for us. []

Shibboleths, Totems, Props and Placebos

I’m not sure there is an exact word for what I want to discuss this week – if there is let me know in the comments. None of the words in the title quite do it, but come quite close. There is a firestorm amongst audiophiles raging on the internet. For some time DAC (digital / analogue conversion) has been []

Awkward Squad?

Almost every team has at least one of them – a fully paid up member of the awkward squad. You know the sort of people, always asking “difficult” questions, not taking yes for an answer, whittling away at things by never quite dropping it. You notice them because they are working against the consensus. If the same questioning techniques are []

Losing the magic?

Three things struck me this week which I thought I would share with you. In no particular order: Apple’s quarterly results were astonishing The iPhone 6 hit a chord, bigger screen phones are something many people want. But alongside that highlight was the news that iPad sales declined 18%. It is roughly 5 years since Steve jobs announced the iPad []
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