Nick's Notes

Constraining Ideas

I read a story in the newspapers over the weekend that made me surprised and disappointed. The article was about a trial of driverless cars on the roads of the UK. There are to be four locations for a trial, and that this innovation is being taken so seriously surprised me. But then the disappointment kicked in as there is []

Je suis…

There has been so much coverage of the dreadful events in Paris, and they are so far away from my usual subjects in this blog, save for the knee-jerk reaction of some politicians to want to put in place surveillance measures that damage our freedoms in the name of freedom that having referenced the phrase that so many have spoken []

Caring about your information can make you look silly

I got into a big argument with my family over the Christmas break. It wasn’t about relatives, nor about who was doing the cooking or the washing up or even how many more days we really needed to eat turkey. It was much sadder than any of that – it was about privacy and how your personal data is used []
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