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Watching Brief

I have now had my Apple Watch for a month. This is not a review of it – there are plenty of those across the web, although some do make me wonder if the author had ever seen the Watch, never mind used one. I have two points to make about Apple’s “most personal device”. Firstly something I didn’t expect []

Software as a Disservice

The Volkswagen emissions scandal remains in the news. I think the reality of this situation has been misinterpreted, and much of the commentary about it is plain wrong. I am not defending what VW did but I think there are much wider implications, and they need discussion, a point which most of the media neither understand nor are currently exploring. []

Embrace Opposition

It has been the political Party Conference season over the past few weeks. First the Liberal Democrats, then Labour and finally, as is traditional for the governing party, the Conservatives. Intermingled amongst those conferences were the minor parties as well. This is not a political blog, and I will not be making any party political points – at least not []

Just what is going on out there?

Fred Trueman was an outstanding bowler and a professional Yorkshireman. After his illustrious Test cricket career (he still ranks 28th in the world on number of Test wickets taken, despite retiring in 1965 when much less cricket was played than today) he became a commentator on Test Match Special (TMS). He was an excellent summariser, but became somewhat caricatured for []

Whose computer is it anyway?

The Guardian reports that Windows 10 for home users will enforce operating system updates. We already know that Windows 10 will be the last big marketing name for the operating system, although engineering releases and service packs will continue. It’s not that enhancements and additions have gone away, they are being handled differently. So my first assumption is that there []

An Apple a day…

My first thought having used Apple Pay on the day it became active in the UK was “cool”. I love new technology and I have been known to make pro-Apple comments in these blogs. My second thought was “that took longer than using a card”. There were 250,000 outlets for Apple Pay in the UK on launch day, and more []


The dictionary defines a meeting as “an assembly of people, especially the members of a society or committee, for discussion or entertainment”. I think that rather underplays the major instigator of meetings, i.e. businesses. Most participants in business are not a committee. Peter Drucker once said “Meetings are a symptom of poor organisation”. But there are legitimate reasons for meetings, []


Some time ago I bought a Raspberry Pi. I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with it because I don’t fit the intended demographic – which is parents who want a cheap computer for their children to learn to programme without putting the home computer at risk. It was easy to set up, runs a variant of []


Microsoft tell us that Windows 10 will be available from the end of July. They have also added to many Windows 7 and 8 computers a widget inviting you to get into the queue for downloads. My advice would be to wait. In my long experience of managing Windows on desktops and laptops upgrading the operating system beyond the depressingly []

Naked Emperors

In the Hans Christian Anderson story it was a small boy who told the truth as he saw it by proclaiming that the Emperor had no clothes on. Earlier in the story it was explained that only those fit for their position in life were able to see the clothes – which is why the Emperor and his courtiers went []


One of the Gallup Q12 measures of employee satisfaction is how highly you score on “having a best friend at work”. We Brits tend to recoil from such an overt and emotional statement. But, with some interpretation it is possible to think of the benefit of knowing someone who is in the loop to chew over problems. Of course one’s []

The Rest is Silence

I have been doing a lot of client facing work recently. At first glance there is not much commonality between the specific questions I have been asked to advise on. The CIOs I’m working with are intelligent, articulate and successful, so these questions are not trivial concerns. But at their heart there is a point where my differing pieces of []
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