Nick's Notes

Happy Holidays

This blog is taking what I think is a well deserved rest over the holiday period. Normal service will resume in January. Thank you to each of you who has read one or more of my 47 blogs this year. I hope my ideas stimulate yours, my frustrations mirror those you have, and any insight is useful to you. So, []

Real World Cloud Benefits

Discussion about cloud services tend to be about IT benefits – CAPEX to OPEX, capacity flexing and rapid deployment. Those things are real benefits, and as our news feed this week shows, CIOs are more focused on cloud than they are on running in-house data centres. I have long argued that readily available public infrastructure and cloud computing services will []


I learned a new word yesterday. I picked it up from my colleague Alistair Russell, who had also learned it that same day. Only trouble is it turns out to be over 50 years old. We were discussing data analytics, and crashing together datasets to find new relationships and effects when Alistair came out with “munge”. No one in the []
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