Nick's Notes


There is only one real thing to write about this week – the CIO Connect Annual conference, which takes place on Wednesday 1 October. That means I can’t write in any detail about the four occasions recently where I have trusted someone to an extent none of us do normally and how each of those people have repaid that confidence []

United or Untied?

So Scotland voted to stay part of the United Kingdom by 55% to 45% in favour. This was a long and gruelling campaign which, although it lasted two years, really came alight in the last two weeks – when some hastily made promises were thrown out in a desperate attempt to keep the UK together. Despite the vote being for []

Board Guidance

I facilitated two very different meetings over the past week. Interestingly, both came out with the same conclusion – and it was one that I didn’t expect. The first meeting was a Round Table meeting on the subject of Intelligent Security for the Digital Enterprise. The CIOs were joined by RSA – the security division of EMC – and Accenture. []


As I write, the big story in the news in the UK focuses on the King family, whose five-year-old son Ashya has a brain tumour. In essence, the parents took him against doctors advice from the NHS Hospital where he was being treated. As a consequence, they appeared to be on the run – and as they are Jehovah’s Witnesses, []

Reality Distortion

It has been said of Steve Jobs that he created a ‘reality distortion’ field around him, which also engulfed the people he was talking to. He had such a strong self belief that even against all the available evidence he could convince people to back his idea – whether on the feasibility of cramming too many tasks into too short []
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