Nick's Notes

Far, far away

They say things get clearer the further you are away from them. Phrases such as “being able to see the wood for the trees” is one such statement. I’m in Singapore as I write this, and I can see the UK clearly from here.

The first thing is that social media has changed everything; not since I was down here last, but since I first started travelling on business. My Twitter feed is the same wherever I am, my LinkedIn connections multiply (as do my physical business cards) from connections I make here. We’re trialing the use of Yammer in CIO Connect, so I won’t even have a bunch of questions to ask when I get back into the office. OK, so I’m not paying a fortune to my network provider and I am reliant on Wi-Fi to get those updates sporadically, rather than via 4G I am used to. And, as an aside, isn’t public Wi-Fi slow in comparison?

The BBC News pages about the UK seem trivial. A Government reshuffle, you say? Meh! The cricket is so offset from my working day in Singapore that I’m not sure what the score is. And it appears the weather will be hotter in the UK than in Singapore at the weekend.

This perspective is no more a complete view of reality than the normal day-to-day feeling. But it is valuable to see things differently and to decide which perspective is more helpful to take your thinking forward.

And to do that deliberately is most useful, when you put yourself in you customers’ shoes. What is it like to work with us? What does this organisation look like from the outside – is it easy to know who to talk to? Are you proud to work with us? Critical questions, which can give you a clear perspective on how to develop your team and your brand. And it applies to internal IS teams just as much as to a company.

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