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CIO Connect App

Many of you know me as a closet techie. Well not so closet, although in my working life I am always looking at business problems to be solved, rather than technologies to be used. At home, it’s rather different…

So how do you solve the following problems?

A wide community of people exist, all very knowledgeable in slightly different ways and with quite different experiences. They are incredibly busy people who want to engage with each other to save themselves time and reduce their risk but they don’t always have the time to do so. Their in-boxes are overflowing and even important information from outside their organisation can get buried in the sheer volume of communications they get everyday.

These people are you and your peers, CIO Connect members, who are getting value from our service. You’ve told us you want to be able to easily get the value we create and see the CIO Connect signal above the background noise. We already use a variety of ways to work with you on that – for many of you that involves your PA, but not all are so lucky to have one.

So we want to help solve that problem, to make it easier to engage with us. We’re creating a CIO Connect app which will make it easier to see the CIO Connect Daily News, the magazine and the event invitations, as well as lots of other things things that we’ll gradually roll out. We’ll have our own audience response system for the Conference for example.

The app will be available on most platforms right away and we’re intending as always to work the way you do. The web site won’t go away, but we’ll be putting our efforts into the app now, focusing on making sure you can get all these advantages as easily as possible. And our team of Account Managers and Advisory Services Directors is growing too as we remain committed to a highly personal and personalised service. They’ll help you use the app too.

We’re very excited about the app and my inner techie has a role to play at work temporarily. We’d love to hear what you think, too. No promises but if there are features you’d like to see which will make it even more beneficial for you, then let us know in the comments.

And much, much more to come on this as we move towards launch date.

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