Nick's Notes

Is Real Time an illusion?

I write this blog on a train heading south from Edinburgh to London. For various reasons, I needed to buy a ticket last night for this morning’s train, and as usual I used thetrainline app on my iPhone. The transaction was quick and easy, and within seconds I got my Amex alert that my card had been used. I also []

Just because you can…

A story that hit the press last weekend. Spikes have been placed in various locations around some expensive flats to prevent homeless people sleeping there. The action has created a media firestorm from all directions – 9.5m Google hits, last time I looked. Let’s look at the questions this story raises from three perspectives: the homeowners, the people who sleep []

Continuing Relationships

I chaired a CIO Connect discussion in London on how CIOs and CMOs can best work together last week. The participants were roughly evenly split between the two roles and Tony Anderson, who was the first marketing director of easyJet, stimulated the discussion with a thoughtful introduction. I know Tony well; we both sat on the board of The Children’s []


I have a feeling that metadata is going to become much more important – at work and in our everyday lives. Processing power and storage are so cheap now that capturing and using metadata is entirely possible and in the world of info-security will become necessary. By metadata I mean data about data and data about processes, rather than the []
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