Nick's Notes


I travel extensively in London and usually, because it’s quicker to get around, on the Tube. For some years now, four or five I would guess, increasing numbers of business commuters have been using rucksacks. This trend started off in a small way, but is now quite extensive. There is a clear advantage of using a rucksack – both hands []

The Internet of Things

I sense that the volume and quantity of discussion about the internet of things – now dignified with a three letter acronym, IoT – is increasing. I’m not sure the quality of discussion is improving as I also think that nobody has a clue what it’s good for – me included. At its core, the internet of things is intercommunication []

Rights and Responsibilities

I read in the news today that the UK tax authority – Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) – will be given permission to deduct unpaid taxes directly from people’s bank accounts, including joint accounts where one of the parties is innocent. Apparently, HMRC does have this power now, but has to get a magistrate or judge to authorise the []

Emotional intelligence

It’s not easy being a CIO. The demands from business colleagues are relentless. One of the hardest parts of the role is keeping everybody informed. It takes time, commitment and energy. Many CIOs believe that the demands of the day job prevents them from working with their business colleagues, spending time talking about those colleagues’ needs and the opportunities that []
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