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The Fault, Dear Brutus…

We have been doing a lot of work with CIOs and their teams recently under the overall heading of high-performing teams. This title can sometimes be a euphemism for stopping wars, other times succession planning as a CIO looks to retire, and occasionally about taking IS to another level of competency. It seems to me that People have a near []

From Systems to Apps

Two or three years ago at a CIO Connect Advisory Board meeting, we got into a discussion about the development of apps and the parallel start of moving development from professionals to anyone with the aptitude. A key element was that Apple’s app store created a market and, very importantly, managed a quality threshold that had to be met. One []

The power of saying “No”

Customer focus rightly dominates discussions in today’s business climate. Never has there been so much choice of products or suppliers, all readily available either in store or online. There remain some parts of the world where this isn’t true, of course, but it is certainly the case in the advanced east and west. Internal IT has toyed with the idea []

The post-PC keyboard world

We hear a lot about the post-PC world. That phrase actually came about from the launch of iOS 5 and was more about the removal by Apple of the dependence of iPhone and iPads on iTunes for set up than it was about a prediction of the demise of the PC. But the phrase stuck because of the phenomenal success []

Three cheers for Microsoft

As usual, I am using Word to create this blog. But, I am using my iPad too. On Thursday last week Microsoft released Office for iPad and I am using it together with Siri to dictate this blog. Astonishingly, at least to me, these technologies are working together brilliantly and although I’m sitting in a noisy room the dictation quality []
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