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Last week’s blog raised a comment that if the primary reason for meddling is being seen to do something even though the real problem is too hard to fix, then we’re in trouble. To a point. Business-oriented CIOs should start conversations at a different level. I am not a great advocate of endless discussions; someone needs to take a decision, []


I read the news today (isn’t that a Beatles lyric?) that the EU has decided to end the “nightmare” of multiple phone chargers. Instead there is to be one, a standardised EU approved model. This is pointless meddling and it is a “nightmare” that many people won’t recognise as a problem. First, the real problem is not the phones, the []


Two recent events generated very different reactions in me this week. The first was a visit to Innovation Birmingham, where I met the chief executive, David Hardman. I very much enjoyed hearing David’s plans for Innovation Birmingham. With many incubator businesses at start-up stage, David is engaged in generating “innovation without boundaries”, while simultaneously demonstrating that Birmingham has the right []

Genius is rarely able to give account of its own process

My colleague Alistair Russell is one of two people who kindly review my blogs pre-publication. Any errors remain my own, but it is helpful to have someone read and spot anything that doesn’t make sense. Last week Alistair’s comment was “Spot on – strong process within strong leadership is key”. That got me thinking – because I tend to dislike []
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