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A Point of View

As many of you will know, CIO Connect publishes a Point of View for its customers every two weeks. This Point of View covers many of the big issues associated to being a CIO in these interesting times. Issued on one side of A4 and always incorporating a picture or diagram, it is intended to be easy and quick to []

It was only a matter of time…

Today I remembered the old joke about what would happen if Microsoft made cars. Sorry, I’m mentioning Microsoft a lot in my blogs at present. It’s an accident, I assure you. The story came about from Bill Gates talking at Comdex – a good few years ago, I think. Like all such stories, there are several versions, but around 1997 []

So, what would I do?

I prefix this particular blog post by saying that what follows is entirely a personal opinion. That’s why it’s mainly in the first person. That’s usually true with blogs anyway, and there is already an official CIO Connect Point of View on this subject. The topic, of course, is the appointment of Satya Nadella as the third CEO of Microsoft, []


CIO Connect held a Security Special Interest Group meeting last week. It was very well attended and a good discussion ensued. As the attendees were self-selected, they were all interested in furthering the security of their businesses from an IT perspective. I’ve met a number of CIOs recently where security has also come up during our conversations. With cloud-based services, []
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