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Top Right

A colleague who worked for many years in local government once told me the secret of interpreting how the two major political parties in the UK think, and so how to make sense of their commitments and pronouncements on a wide range of matters. This intrigued me, and since he told me the secret, I haven’t been able to put []

They just don’t get it…

Last week the new CEO of Blackberry, John Chen, said that CIOs need him to be successful in order for them to regain control. “In some companies, the CIO has completely lost control and I’m trying to convince them they need to regain control,” Chen said. “There’s has been a loss of way.” This is a classic case of looking []

Events, Dear Boy

Harold MacMillan, the UK’s famously patrician Prime Minister between 1957 and 1963, once answered a deferential question from a journalist about what his greatest fear was as Prime Minister with the words “Events, dear boy. Events.” Or maybe he didn’t, given that a short search on Google will bring up many pages of controversy about the quotation, which is in []
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