Nick's Notes

IT as an Educator

I was chairing a round table discussion recently about mobile and cloud disrupting everything, and as is the way the topic led on to other issues including touching on locking down devices to control what people can do. I have form in this area, and have previously discussed how lockdown is unsustainable in certain areas and necessary in others. []

Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Social media is hyped by the media as a means to create value for connections and contacts. While social media is undoubtedly useful, there can be too many assumptions and presumptions. The value of social media is not about how many tweets you post, or how many followers you have. Social media is about creating great content. And, often, []

Internal PR – what’s the hidden story?

CIO Connect has been asked to look at a client’s annual report. It’s a very well produced document and deals fairly with the issues and achievements of the IT team. Should they do one though? When was the last time you saw the Finance Team internal annual report? One point of view is that such a document ensures the []
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