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Win Win

Is “Win – Win” limiting your thinking? I remember six or seven years ago attending a facilitation training session. It was in Paris, although the session contained people from all around Europe and was run by a Brit. A lot of the session dealt with preparation. I still have lengthy checklists that were derived from that day, which although []

Does It Matter

Enough is enough? I am a very keen photographer and, for my sins, visit a number of web sites and forums dedicated to photography – no sniggering at the back. I often don’t stay long before moving on to try another one, although 11 years ago, when I was new to digital photography albeit with a long history in []

If people buy emotion… what are you selling?

I travel a lot on business, indeed this blog is being dispatched from our office in Singapore. I also like to travel for pleasure – usually on holiday with my family. CANEXBACK.COM Having just spent the best part of 12 hours on a flight, and recalling what Glenn Morgan – the CIO of British Airways said at our recent London []
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