Nick's Notes

A Penguin pick up?

I declare an interest. I worked in Penguin Books, part of the Pearson Group for several years in the late 90’s through 2000. As a result of incentive schemes, I was and remain a small shareholder in Pearson. Today – 29th October, 2012 – the FT (another part of Pearson) says that a deal has been struck between Pearson []

CIO = Change, Innovation and Opportunity

The following is an edited version of my opening speech at the 2012 CIO Connect Conference – Embracing the Unexpected. HTTP://CANEXBACK.COM During the last year I’ve been working with a number of CIOs on themes around Digital business.  What we’re learning together is that Digital business can be complicated.  There are so many things going on and some seem contradictory.  []
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