Nick's Notes

Keep taking the tablets

I rarely get wound up by articles I read.  I read many, many articles about technology, about CIOs and about business.  At worst I might emit a silent “rubbish” and quickly move on. But yesterday I had a intensely negative reaction to an article entitled “Why CIOs are rooting for a Microsoft Tablet win” written by Michael Hickins, editor of CIO Journal, part of the Wall []

It’s OK to like technology

I am still struck with the difference between UK CIOs and those of other countries, especially the US. There is a diffidence about the technology here – sometimes verging on a suppression of demonstrating knowledge or enthusiasm for it. I think the days are going when it is acceptable for a board member to state that they don’t understand the []

A fresh pair of eyes

I am a great admirer of people who can turn something upside down or inside out to extract a greater insight or meaning from it.  I remember the first time I went to an investment analyst meeting being impressed by the way these guys took a share price not as an output – the result of lots of complex activities and environments []
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