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Will poor communication by executives persist?

I am reading a book by Philip Collins, chief speech writer to Tony Blair, who now writes a weekly column in The Times.  It is called “The Art of Speeches and Presentations” with a helpful subtitle “The secrets of making people remember what you say”. Mr. Collins comes up with what he called the necessary acronym for books of this []

Too many hats make change impossible

Recent business history has been about efficiency.  Even before the credit crunch and the recession(s) we in IT have talked a lot about “doing more for less” or other such euphemisms for cost reduction.  Indeed Mark MacDonald at Gartner in one of his excellent blogs showed some recent data which demonstrated that aggregate IT budgets across the world have been []

How do you decide?

Through a complete coincidence, three things came together for me uniquely last week.  I finally got around to reading Susan Greenfield’s book about how 21st Century technology is changing the way we think and feel, I watched a BBC Horizon programme that had been sitting on my Sky+ disk for months about how free will may be an illusion and []

There are too many clocks – I never know the right time

A throwaway comment from a colleague when getting ready to go to a client meeting started me thinking.  She said “There are too many clocks in here – my PC, watch, phone, the two wall clocks – I never know the right time.” Leaving aside the difficulty of maintaining all of the clocks around you to show the same time []
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