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IT as an Educator

I was chairing a round table discussion recently about mobile and cloud disrupting everything, and as is the way the topic led on to other issues including touching on locking down devices to control what people can do. I have form in this area, and have previously discussed how lockdown is unsustainable in certain areas and necessary in others. []

Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Social media is hyped by the media as a means to create value for connections and contacts. While social media is undoubtedly useful, there can be too many assumptions and presumptions. The value of social media is not about how many tweets you post, or how many followers you have. Social media is about creating great content. And, often, []

Internal PR – what’s the hidden story?

CIO Connect has been asked to look at a client’s annual report. It’s a very well produced document and deals fairly with the issues and achievements of the IT team. Should they do one though? When was the last time you saw the Finance Team internal annual report? One point of view is that such a document ensures the []

Win Win

Is “Win – Win” limiting your thinking? I remember six or seven years ago attending a facilitation training session. It was in Paris, although the session contained people from all around Europe and was run by a Brit. A lot of the session dealt with preparation. I still have lengthy checklists that were derived from that day, which although []

Does It Matter

Enough is enough? I am a very keen photographer and, for my sins, visit a number of web sites and forums dedicated to photography – no sniggering at the back. I often don’t stay long before moving on to try another one, although 11 years ago, when I was new to digital photography albeit with a long history in []

If people buy emotion… what are you selling?

I travel a lot on business, indeed this blog is being dispatched from our office in Singapore. I also like to travel for pleasure – usually on holiday with my family. CANEXBACK.COM Having just spent the best part of 12 hours on a flight, and recalling what Glenn Morgan – the CIO of British Airways said at our recent London []

A Penguin pick up?

I declare an interest. I worked in Penguin Books, part of the Pearson Group for several years in the late 90’s through 2000. As a result of incentive schemes, I was and remain a small shareholder in Pearson. Today – 29th October, 2012 – the FT (another part of Pearson) says that a deal has been struck between Pearson []

CIO = Change, Innovation and Opportunity

The following is an edited version of my opening speech at the 2012 CIO Connect Conference – Embracing the Unexpected. HTTP://CANEXBACK.COM During the last year I’ve been working with a number of CIOs on themes around Digital business.  What we’re learning together is that Digital business can be complicated.  There are so many things going on and some seem contradictory.  []

Embracing the Unexpected

I hosted, with colleagues, a CIO Connect think tank meeting last week.  We were discussing the scenarios which we will work through at our “Embracing the Unexpected” CIO Connect Conference on 2nd and 3rd October.  Roger Camrass and Ben Shenoy led the discussion with 16 CIOs and 4 senior execs from IT vendor companies. HTTP://CANEXBACK.COM/ Fundamentally, our belief is that []

A vacation gives you perspective

I wrote this at 39000 feet returning to the UK from vacation.  Unusually, I have completely relaxed during my 2 weeks in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and given very little thought to work until boarding my plane and thinking about my first day back in the office. Most of us recognise a feeling of ‘swimming through treacle’ when returning []
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