Tailored Advisory Service

Our Tailored Advisory Service provides a wealth of resources dedicated to meet your changing priorities – delivering rapid results through access to expert advice from former CIO’s and to a wide network of like-minded peers. 

  • Our advisors are a talented, experienced collective of former CIOs and senior consultants all of whom have worked at Board level;
  • We have a wide range of expertise in many topic areas, especially business engagement; information security and management; supplier management; leadership; and governance and risk

Working with an expert advisor gives you:

  • Regular opportunities to clarify your objectives and challenge your assumptions resulting in you having greater confidence in the decisions you take.
  • Facilitated access to our network of experienced CIOs and subject matter experts giving you the opportunity to see innovative ideas in action and avoid repeating others’ mistakes.
  • Save time and cost by helping you choose suppliers of services, data and research based on real world experience

Our clients also gain access to:

  • Interactive workshops to learn about new ideas through debate and discussion with fellow CIOs, expert speakers, and industry specialists
  • Regular news and opinion informing them of the latest developments in business and technology

One to One Mentoring:

CIO Connect has, for more than 20 years, provided one to one support to many CIO’s and technology leaders. Acting as a ‘critical friend’ our experienced advisors can help you to be more successful in your organisation and find faster solutions.

The CIO Connect network includes technology leaders from many sectors. Our advisors can help you, by connecting you to others, who are tackling or have tackled similar challenges.

We help with:
• Developing technology strategies for business
• Leadership and change management
• Reviewing and developing organisation structure
• Personal development for technology leader and team
• Key topics where technology interacts with business strategy and operations

Our advisors can provide support to you on a one to one basis, by working with your senior technology team and interacting with your CEO and board colleagues as you see fit. We often sit on regular leadership team meetings acting as a ‘Non Executive’ member of the team.

CIO Connect is proud of our genuine, close relationships with our clients.

“CIO Connect provides real-world experience and actionable insights”


“The CIO Connect team brings a powerful combination of independence, subject matter expertise and advisory skills”


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