Supplier Management

As we move towards purchasing all the solutions that the organisation needs from cloud based sources, new ways of managing suppliers are necessary.

Suppliers are critical partners to the organisation. They will be storing your data and providing your services, so need to understand the security implications and the strategic importance inherent in this role.

Relationships with suppliers can become difficult. There is an inherent difference in the priorities of your organisation and the supplier organisation and this can often lead to tension, especially when circumstance limit the organisations ability to change supplier.

Our Capability:

  • Developing efficient ways of working with suppliers to ensure they are on the same page as your organisation.
  • Developing the technology leadership into a well performing team, fully equipped to handle all the challenges of a multi-faceted organisation.
  • Identifying strategies to find Best-in-Breed suppliers for core functionality specifically for your individual business context as well as the plan to seamlessly integrate these disparate suppliers into a functional pack.
  • Assessing the strategies for contracting supplier organisation, including focus on where the data will be located; how it is secured and; what escalation exists in the event of a data loss or attack

CIO Connect publish regular ‘Point of View’ documents – here are links to a selection of recent documents related to supplier management:

Organizations increasingly rely on a complex and fast moving network of third parties including ‘as a service’ or cloud providers to implement and support critical IT services. How manage the risks of such outsourcing?

As the world moves ever closer to ‘Everything IT as a Service’ at first glance it may seem strange to consider the use of Open Source Software. After all, even if your SaaS supplier uses OSS, and many do, you won’t get to see their code, and the service will appear to be “proprietary”.

Cloud ERP, better described as Cloud Business Management Solutions, have come of age. Software providers have invested significantly, The cloud has become ubiquitous, secure and acceptable. How go about choosing a solution?

Case Study – Spirax Sarco

What was achieved
Through the programme of work the client has been successful in delivering in parallel on a number of strategic issues, including:

• Tier 1 Telco-based service provided contracted to deliver network and private cloud services under a 5 year deal;
• Over $1M per annum in operating company savings
• Leading edge distributed SharePoint platform delivering great performance globally
• Hard biting and successful SLAs governing performance from server to client

“CIO Connect managed the RFI and RFP process, providing a soft barrier between the vendors and Spirax. CIO Connect gave vendors the maximum amount of information, while helping to maintain Spirax’s negotiating stance. The approach led to the definition of business-led SLAs. As a result of the negotiations, Spirax was able to save many millions of pounds across the life of the contract and to get the SLAs and escalation processes that provide the basis for a very successful on-going relationship.

CIO Connect demonstrated great experience, skills and commitment to make our project a success for us. For this specialist, once-every-few-years activity, it made great sense to utilise them to help and guide us – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others”

CIO, Spirax Sarco

Read the full case study for more information

Case Study – Messier Bugatti Dowty

What was achieved
Through the programme of work the client has been successful in delivering in parallel on a number of strategic issues, including:

• Renegotiated contract with major ERP solution provider.
• Implementation of new contract saving significant operating costs and providing improved levels of service.
• Increased capability and confidence of CIO and his team.

“I have been working with CIO Connect for over four years, in two organisations. I have and continue to receive great value from their services. Their team of Advisory Services Directors combine significant real-world experience of the CIO and IT Leadership context with the coaching skills to act as a sounding-board for me. Specifically, we have benefitted from the advice and guidance from CIO Connect as I engaged in a major renegotiation with one of our major software suppliers.”

IS Director, Messier Bugatti Dowty

Read the full case study for more information