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Our expert team is engaged with a wide variety of organisations tackling a wide range of challenges related to the application of technology.

This gives us a unique and privileged insight into these challenges and the impact of technology developments.

We use this insight to produce our ‘Points of View’. These single page documents cover a wide range of topics and issues and allow us to share the total of our insights and those from our community in an easily digestible manner.

PoV’s are published anonymously, they are the views of the community as a whole rather than any one individual but the authors range from CIO Connect’s in-house IT experts and writers to experienced CIOs to subject matter experts.

We publish these every couple of weeks, if you would like to receive them directly, please send us a message.

These are the five most recent issues we have produced:

The Business Value of IT
A Productive Audit
Shadow IT: How learnings from HE informs all sectors
Buildign an executive coalition for Digital Transformation
The Internet of Things Conundrum

Below, you can find a few examples of our Points of View representing the broad range of topics we cover:

What is is about Teams?

We looked at team management and team building. Teams are getting ever more complicated likely to encompass multiple locations and cultures and often include people from outside the organisation as well as within. It remains vital to your success that your team performs together in an efficient manner, so the question is how does one achieve this?

So You’ve Been Hacked – What Now?


We looked at the actions a CIO and an organisation can take after a security breach has occurred. It is not sufficient anymore to only think about preventions, IT executives need to plan for recovery as well both the organisations recovery in the eyes of their customers and the CIOs recovery in the eyes of the board.

Digital Process Automation


We looked at a few of the ways automatic back office processes can bring advantages and generate value for businesses. CIO Connect believe there are some interesting opportunities in this area, but sometimes we can be distracted by unhelpful talk of Robots.

Trust me, I’m a Start-Up


Many interesting learnings came out of our annual conference, ran in Shoreditch in 2015. One common theme from both corporate CIOs and Entrepreneurs from start-ups was the need to generate trust to succeed as a partnership. For this point of view, we combined the insight shared by our conference speakers notably Dale Murray, Adeel Saeed and our panel of entrepreneurs with our experiences working in the CIO community and have hopefully written it in plain language Lucy Kellaway would approve of.

Why is everyone going on about Bitcoin?


We think that Bitcoins are an interesting idea and that it is valuable to know a little bit about them. We think parts of the bitcoin system have the potential to become big disruptors to business in all sectors.