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Our expert team is engaged with a wide variety of organisations tackling a wide range of challenges related to the application of technology.

This gives us a unique and privileged insight into these challenges and the impact of technology developments.

We use this insight to produce our ‘Points of View’. These single page documents cover a wide range of topics and issues and allow us to share the total of our insights and those from our community in an easily digestible manner.

PoV’s are published anonymously, they are the views of the community as a whole rather than any one individual but the authors range from CIO Connect’s in-house IT experts and writers to experienced CIOs to subject matter experts.

We publish these every couple of weeks, if you would like to receive them directly, please send us a message.

Here are the summaries of the most recent few issues, below you can find a link to the full archive:

First Published: 19th Jan 2018
CIO Connect look at the best ways to focus and prioritise transformation efforts in order to generate the most business value

First Published: 5th January 2018
Having spent much of the 2017 workshop programme discussing the evolution of Service, we summarise what has been learned

First Published: 15th Dec 2017
We investigate the impact Quantum Computing will have on corporate IT in the near and distant future

First Published: 8th Dec 2017
Incremental Improvement, as well as innovative jumps, has the potential to generate success.

First Published: 24th Nov 2017
We see CIO leadership as not the “same as it ever was”. However it has only undergone an evolution not a total revolution.