Peter Cox

Peter Cox (Operations Director and Advisor)
Business and HR focus

Peter is an experienced business leader having worked in a wide range of sectors and globally. Peter is an Associate Services Director

  • Main Focus of Advisory Work:
    Change Management
    Team Building & Personal Development
    ERP Selection & Implementation
  • Professional Background:
    30 years experience in leading change and developing people and organisations, including over 10 years a COO in Global business
    Successfully led change programs across sectors including Marketing, Technology, Insurance & Retail
    Led choice & implementation of ERP systems
    Writes & Researches on Cloud Based Solutions
  • Education:
    BSc (Hons), Electronic Eng – City University
    Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
  • Selection of relevant experience:
    – Led Business turnaround for:
    An EU Marketing Organisation
    A Far East Manufacturer
    A UK Publishing business
    – Led change programs in Global Marketing, Retail & Technology businesses
    – Implemented a Cloud based ERP across EU Operations (NetSuite)
    – Key role in developing Internet Security Business
    – Led HR during merger of two major Insurers
    – Led preparations for sale of a UK Internet business