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Networking is core to our knowledge base and adds value to all our clients by sharing solutions and information.

Our Network & News service is designed for technology leadership teams that seek to benefit from meeting others whom face similar challenges. It incorporates:

  • 10 workshops each year – half day events, attended by around 20 technology leaders from multiple sectors. The events are highly interactive and include both specialist input and encourage participants to share real life case studies and experiences. Clients are guaranteed one seat at each event, for any suitable person in their organisation.A unique opportunity to learn from the network of your peers and use that learning to solve your challenges
  • Daily News – CIO Connect seeks out the news that matters to technology leaders and sifts this to only the most important items. This results in a daily email with the key stories of relevance to you. Clients can choose to have this distributes to anyone whom can benefit from this.
  • Points of View – CIO Connect publish regular thought leadership articles an a wide variety of relevant and interesting topics. These are written by specialists with a deep knowledge of their subject. The short articles are designed to question and challenge thinking to encourage ideas.
  • Quarterly Magazine – an online magazine is published every quarter – examining the industry, trends and news. Features include case studies of CIO’s whom are in the limelight.
  • Our thought leadership challenges the status quo and encourages creative solutions to old and new problemsBenefits of joining the Network & News Service:• Our workshops help you solve problems, you’ll only hear real life examples presented by those who have encountered and worked through similar issues;

    • Our workshops help inspire ideas to translate into action, we encourage robust discussion with your peers to ensure that you leave with approaches that you can implement in your workplace;

    • Engagement with CIO Connect advisors at workshops, all of whom are highly knowledgeable and experienced and provide practical, pragmatic advice that you can really use;

    • Our news service saves you time bringing you relevant information gathered from many sources.

    Our Network is extensive across commercial, public and higher education sectors and we are working with the leadership teams of many organisations. This gives us a privileged position of being well informed about the current issues and challenges that technology leaders face.

    “I found the speakers very good indeed – their passion and experience was obvious and importantly their stories included lessons learned beneficial for all attendees. Finally, I found the networking opportunity very valuable – plenty of time dedicated to this”


    Senior IT Exec, Media Sector, Winter 2017

Latest Edition: Autumn 2017

CIO Connect Magazine

This Edition's Main Features:

The Business Value of IT

John Doonan explains what he has discovered about the changes in the way businesses value the IT department and the CIO as part of our 2017 Horizons Inquiry

Value Generating Innovation

CIO Connect talk with Chris White, CIO of Clyde & Co. LLP about the challenges and opportunities with regards to innovating in the legal sector

Telling Stories

Humans are storytellers. From time immemorial we have told stories to explain things we didn’t understand, and to paint a picture of a present and a future that others would accept and help make a reality. Inevitably this addresses the big questions of our existence and so encompasses religion, philosophy and politics where, unlike science, there are few objectively correct []

Meeting Expectations

CIOs are senior executives. Most, or perhaps these days it’s many, still have an executive assistant. I spend most of my life meeting with CIOs. So why is it so hard to get into the diary, and sometimes harder still to stay in it? I know, you’re thinking it’s about priorities, about value. I get bounced or pushed to the []

Yes, but No, but Yes…

Everyone dislikes dithering. It is particularly frustrating when someone you report to can’t make up their mind and give clear direction. Equally, it is difficult when so called decisions are revisited, and things you believe to be settled get reopened and discussed further. I have no magic wand to make these things go away. But it is possible to look []

Journey’s end

We are much given to describing activities as ‘journeys’. A project, the customer experience, even our own personal development is all described that way. A journey is then depicted as if it were a physical movement from one place to another. We talk about the target on the horizon, we discuss the progress we have made (especially when it is []

Life Changing

My maternal Grandmother was born in 1901 and died in 1995. When our three sons were small, we used her lifespan as an anchor for 20th century history and to illustrate how much had changed over the course of one life. From a world where transport was dominated by horses to ubiquitous cars; from being born years before the Wright []

September Morning Perspectives

Last week, early on a September morning, the sun is low in a pale blue almost cloudless sky. There is a heavy dew on the grass. The birds are singing in the trees that surround our paddock. There is no human sound to be heard in the stillness. Where the sun reaches the valley floor spiders’ webs sparkle on our []

From Atoms to Electrons

Last night I went to a meeting of the local history society – I know, some people get all the best gigs. The speaker was excellent and showed many images demonstrating the history of our area. For some reason, I particularly noticed one image. It was an old building and it had one of the early Sun Alliance insurance plaques []

Use your NED

Many organisations have Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), or similar individuals, even in the public sector. Sitting on the Board with wide experience they are just as responsible for the lawful operation of the organisation they are involved with as are the Executive Directors, with the main difference that they do not have to run anything within the organisation and should be []

Making the case

The laws of physics are the same anywhere in the universe we’re told. But when it comes to economics, human behaviours and the human willpower all mean that the stated “laws” are really empirical descriptions of what has happened before and not necessarily rules that drive a future outcome. For example, people confidently predicted that Quantitative Easing after the credit []

Digital Reflections

I am sitting writing this in Dublin. I’m on a day trip visiting clients. In the UK, my car registration plate was automatically recognized to gain access to the car park which was pre-paid online. I’d an electronic boarding card. I flew here in less than an hour, waved a piece of paper at a customs officer and walked into []

Been there, done that…

Recently I was at one of CIO Connect’s workshops. We run these under the Chatham House rule, so I’m not going to betray any confidences. The discussion was about pace and agility and we had three very good speakers. Working at pace and being agile from an IT perspective is nothing new. Indeed it dates back to the era before []

Leading from Behind

The local elections of 2017, curiously and unusually in the middle of a general election campaign, are causing a problem for the main political parties. For each it is different. At the time of writing the Conservatives are doing very well, but keen to play down their success for fear of complacency setting in amongst their supporters, who may then []
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