CIO Connect Conference 2013

The game-changing CIO

The IT leadership conference of 2013

The business, so the adage goes, gets the CIO it deserves – in an era of fast-changing priorities, how can IT leaders develop a leadership style that allows the organisation to make the most of digital opportunities? The 2013 Annual Conference will explore the persona of the game-changing CIO, an executive who embraces transformation in order to help the business grow.

CIO Connect’s Annual Conference has established a position as the IT leadership event of the year. Drawing on experts from the fields of business, technology and science, the event brings together executives from around the globe to inform, inspire and influence. By analysing the role of the game-changing CIO, the 2013 event will explore how CIOs can embrace fast-changing business demands and position themselves at the apex of change.

Great IT chiefs work to become egoless CIOs, orchestrating business change and developing a style of leadership that demands respect and builds confidence. Such game-changing CIOs become trusted advisors to the business. They create an intelligent approach that embrace key trends, such as bring your own devices, shadow IT and new supplier relationships, at the right time.

Great IT leaders are already thinking about how their egoless approach to digital technology can inspire new forms of business growth. Join us for the 2013 Annual Conference and learn how you can become a game-changing CIO.


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