Pace & Agility – Delivering Change and ROI Faster & Better

The pressure to change grows ever stronger. Whether driven by technological opportunity or financial pressures, organisations seek to be agile and flexible to: respond to shareholder expectations & threats from competitors; grow the business and improve customer service.

CIOs are the enablers of much of this change and thus face growing demand for pace & agility.

Join us at this workshop where invited speakers will share their point of view of how the technology agenda can be instrumental in enabling the organisation to change and develop in line with the pace demanded.

We will have discussion from:

• Darren Goldsby – CDO Jamie’s Restaurants. Darren’s role is in a business that is constantly evolving – his role is to define and deliver the ways in which a digital relationship with Jamie Oliver fans can help drive the organisation’s goals in a more efficient and effective manner, leveraging the new ways that technology enables food fans to interact with food related content, products and services.
• Alan Patrick is co-founder and a leading practitioner at Agile Elephant, a leading consultancy helping companies to tackle the big shift caused by digital disruption in the form of cloud, social and mobile technologies. Alan will be sharing his extensive experience in helping organisations deliver the digital experience with agility and speed.
• Peter Cox of CIO Connect will consider the issue from his CFO viewpoint and share the CIO Connect viewpoint.

We’ll be asking: Does the technology team have the right approach, the right skills and the right tool to be effective in tackling these challenges? How can the technology team develop and establish their credibility in enabling such organisation change’?
Our goal is that you will leave with some real practical next steps for yourself and your organisation to address this critical issue.
To support this workshop, we’d be grateful if, whether you can attend or not, you complete this short anonymous survey considering how the desire for Pace and Agility is changing in your business.
Benefits of attending:
• Gain new insight into the drivers of pace and how the technology team can lead
• Learn from the experiences of others about solving the related challenges
• Meet, network and debate with other Technology Leaders

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