Reputation risk management in a Digital World

Organisations today live with threats to their business and reputation from many quarters. The impact from such threats can escalate very quickly through media and social media. How an organisation protects itself from threats and responds to issues, when they occur, (as inevitably they might) is crucial to their business continuity and continued success. Technology has become crucial to the []

Measuring the Value of IT

In the emerging digital world, generating value from IT has never been more important to CIOs and executives across the business. Join CIO Connect for an interactive workshop where we will be discussing the results of our primary and secondary research into the challenge of measuring IT value to the business.

Implications of EaaS on Customer Service

Continuing our theme of examining the impact that Everything as a Service on various parts of the IT function, we will be investigating the different ways it will impact on the provision of IT customer service. We will be looking at the different ways of providing support, the growth of the global support center and tackling how EaaS fits with []
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