GDPR – Are you ready?

In May 2018 the new European legislation regarding the handling and reporting of data security breaches comes into effect. It is a heavyweight piece of legislation with significant and in some cases, costly implications for organisations. The legislation is reflected in the UK ‘Data protection Act’ and will be included in the Repeal Bill – so we can assume the []

Focusing & Delivering Digital Transformation & Innovation

Many organisations are in the process of developing their digital strategy. There are many opportunities and it’s easy to be attracted down paths that may be less effective than others. The rate and path of change can also be affected by the competence of the organisation – the digital readiness. In this workshop we’ll explore how organisations can focus and []

Managing the changing Architecture mix from Legacy to Digital

Cloud based solutions are increasingly attractive in providing best in class, fast to market solutions. Incorporating such new solutions is adding complexity to the traditional architecture approaches. Data structures may now include data elements across legacy and cloud systems. There may be less flexibility of the structure and access to cloud based databases. The network considerations change and managing the []
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