The changing Skill base and resourcing

Digital Innovation is transforming the organisational structure of IT. As some areas become ‘productised’ other areas become of higher significance – such as Design, Security, Management of Outsourcing etc. What are these changes and what solutions and approaches exist to help CIOs to lead the changes required?

Data – Lots of it, but how to get the value?

We are all aware of the buzz words surrounding data – ‘big data’ / ‘predictive analytics’ / Artificial Intelligence’ etc – but whatever the buzz word how do organisations truly gain value from all the data they now hold and how do they manage some of the dangers of such power? Our speakers will share some practical examples.

Open Source – the Pros & Cons

Open Source has now matured and has become a mechanism for producing innovative solutions, technical wizardry, low cost usable applications and also become a method of both enhancing and even being part of the core of many large scale ERP and other such bought solutions. What are the pros & cons of using open source? Do we even know that []

Organisational Models in IT

CIO Connect see many CIOs in the Network paying attention to finding the right organisational structure that will support the changing role of the CIO and the needs of the organisation. Such a structure needs to enable the technology leadership team to be close to the business and able to influence and guide. New organisational structures require new skills and []

Blockchain – How important is it?

Blockchain is now maturing into a powerful technological engine that has already powered some significant new internet based world solutions. What might be the future impact of Blockchain and how can CIO’s gain value from the technology. What are the pitfalls and where does Blockchain fit into your strategy? Our speakers will share experience and expertise. Subject to change in []

Cybercrime – Security Attack – Instant Response Role Play

You are a member of the Board and your organisation is under attack. How do you respond? This active workshop will allow you to experience the challenges involved in coping with an attack and guide you to learn about the wide considerations involved – such circumstances can lead to disaster for organisations that have not rehearsed an event of this []

Diversity in IT leadership

It is well established and accepted that diversity of leadership and teams leads to better decisions, greater creativity and is fundamental to reflecting the diversity of the client base of an organisation. Yet why are there so few women in IT leadership positions and why is this not changing? What can organisations do to turn around this long standing trend? []

Encouraging End User Diversity

For many years CIOs have struggled to find a solution to ‘Shadow IT’. As solutions become more readily available off the shelf and as leaders across the organisation become more tech savvy – there is no longer an issue – there can be no such thing as either ‘shadow or non shadow IT!’ On the contrary the CIO must create []

Evolving CIO Role

Organisations are increasingly seeking a whole new approach to how technology can give competitive advantage and enable their strategies to be achieved. So, they seek a different kind of technology leadership. What are the skills that a future technology leader needs and how can the CIO of today prepare and position themselves for the demands of the near future? Our []
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