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Digital Reflections

I am sitting writing this in Dublin. I’m on a day trip visiting clients. In the UK, my car registration plate was automatically recognized to gain access to the car park which was pre-paid online. I’d an electronic boarding card. I flew here in less than an hour, waved a piece of paper at a customs officer and walked into []

Moving people on

Last week we ran a story in the Daily Intelligence email to our clients about a CIO who was involved in the transformation of his business. He said the hardest thing was to “let go” people who had served the company well but for one reason or another he didn’t think they could make a contribution to the change underway []

Succession success

I heard about a CIO leaving their job recently, one who hadn’t been appointed long ago. Their appointment followed the long term tenure of the previous incumbent who had a taken up a new role in the same business. I wasn’t surprised. It happens a lot, and not just in business, but in politics and in sport too. Just think []

Publish and be damned

In the last few days information has been in the forefront of the news in the UK and US for different reasons. In the UK the public consultation on what is known as ‘Leveson II’ comes to an end very shortly. This is about enacting one of Sir Brian Leveson’s proposals from his inquiry a few years back which would []


I was going to start this first blog of 2017 – Happy New Year, by the way – talking about mergers and acquisitions, and particularly the CIOs role in such work. Because of the Brexit vote Sterling declined in value and UK companies look to be very good value to foreign investors. Despite the experts fears following the Brexit vote []


In our dealings with CIOs we often hear the refrain ‘I don’t have enough resources’. Not surprising perhaps – demand for IT services grows very quickly, and it is the role of the senior executives to make hard decisions about what to do which is realistic and achievable, recognising all of the constraints and opportunities. By resources people usually mean []

Read All About It

When I’m about to write my blog I look for a topic from what’s going on around me, write about it, sometimes obliquely and make a connection which I hope is not too tenuous with what we see happening in the CIO’s world. This morning as I write I have the radio on, which sounds archaic even as I type []


CIO Connect is actively supporting Action For Children this year. My colleague Alistair Russell is co-Chair of the North East Byte Night Board and we will be showcasing some of their work in our magazine – the current edition includes a profile of Alan Crawford, the CIO. As a result of this I am more aware of stories about disadvantaged []

Are Wintel’s best days behind them?

Intel and Microsoft both announced disappointing results this week. Microsoft sales are down, and profits more so as they move away from the historically profitable desktop to cloud services. Intel is laying off 12,000 people as a consequence of their own poorer than expected results. To be clear, I am not calling the end of these companies which between them []

How do you define yourself?

I was reading recently about the differences between two economists’ behaviour relating to the 1929 crash. Tim Harford, the “undercover economist”, was telling the story in his inimitable fashion. One, Irving Fisher, is hardly remembered now, and died in penury; the other, John Maynard Keynes, was wealthy and successful and his theories are still very much in consideration today. Neither []

Being Direct

Happy New Year. Well, sorry, but it’s been a long time since I blogged and its late January already, so do we still do this?. How many of that type of conversation have you had recently? It’s amazing that nobody seems to know how far into January it remains acceptable to wish people a happy new year, and so we []

Watching Brief

I have now had my Apple Watch for a month. This is not a review of it – there are plenty of those across the web, although some do make me wonder if the author had ever seen the Watch, never mind used one. I have two points to make about Apple’s “most personal device”. Firstly something I didn’t expect []
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